Note From The Author:

ello my Lovelies, and welcome to the website for all things Of Gods & Mortals by Lauren T. Hart. 

It would be impossible to say when these tales began, they’ve roamed the recesses of my mind for so long. And then, one particularly cold Autumn day in 2009 I decided it was time to commit the stories of Gods & Mortals to the page. The plan was to publish a chapter each Friday in 2010 And so, from the 1st of January 2010, to the 31st of December I released a new chapter - 53 in all. (Plus some hidden bonus chapters.) As the year began, less than 1/2 of the story had been written. Some chapters were finished months in advance while others were hastily declared “done enough,” mere moments before uploading. As such, some of them are more refined, whilst others... well... not so much.

This (free) online edition is a recovered version of the original, as it was presented in 2010. The original website was lost (deleted server side by our (now) former web host) in the spring of 2021. I don't want to say that the 2020s are cursed or anything but... I don't know. They could be. 

So as I've been uploading and recovering and sifting through old files to find missing chapters and data I've taken the liberty of making some minor changes here and there. Nothing that takes away; I also fix typos as I see them -- if I see them. I keep seeing them. Even after all these years. If you see them, message me and let me know so I can fix them. I'll also add new artwork and features whenever I receive or create something new.

Eventually there will be an entire series of books developed from these early tales. It's looking like five in total, which is a lot to write - and I want to make them just as tasty and enjoyable and vampy and sexy as they can be - for your utmost reading pleasures, of course - so it's taking me a while. But I promise I'll get there eventually! I've got lots of other projects calling me to write them as well.

If you enjoy oG&M I hope you’ll check out my other works - I suspect you might like them too. I’d also simply love it if you could find a moment to leave me a comment, message me, or leave a review of my works. Don't be shy; I'd love to hear from you!

Until then, thank you, thank you for visiting! And as always, I wish you happy reading!

♥︎ Love you bunches,


P.S. Hidden chapters has been a whole "thing" to try and accomplish on this new platform so -- they're not so hidden anymore. Yay? How about super yay! 😀

Not so super yay -- I've lost some, and I don't remember what they all were so... You get all new hidden chapters. Yay?

If you're an original reader who found the hidden chapters, and you remember what they were or what they were about -- let me know, I can probably find them from that.

P.S.S. Click either cover to be taken to the chapter index page.