July 2, 2010


7 June 1936 Sunday

          I've decided to take on renters. I have no prospects for marriage, my work as a typist is beyond dull, and with Emily here I've realized that I actually enjoy taking care of the house, and of people.


21 November 1940 Thursday

          Thanksgiving dinner went wonderfully. And I have wonderful news. I'm getting married. His name is Mark Trumbal and he's every thing a girl like me could hope for in a husband.


2 June 1941 Monday

          Today is my wedding day. I am both nervous and excited. Emily looks so beautiful, and so much like her mother. I miss her so much, and the girls. I hope they are well and happy where ever they are.


19 February 1942 Thursday

          Sixth time is the charm! It was just confirmed today, the rabbit died! Mark and I are so excited!


23 March 1942 Monday

            I miscarried.


29 April 1942 Wednesday

          Doctor Thorne says at my age I shouldn't even try to have a baby because it's more likely to be slow or a mongoloid. Honestly I am more worried that it might be a boy. I can't be the last in the line of lineage. I can't. I have to try.


13 December, 1942 Sunday

          Months of failure and then another rabbit, followed by another miscarriage but I'm glad that Mark understands why I want to keep trying. He wants a child as much as I do. I dare say I love that man.


30 April 1944 Sunday

          Mark is the sweetest man I've ever met, and he's always very gentle with me, but I'm glad to finally have it over with in only fifty-seven tries. I didn't want to report another failure and so I waited. The rabbit died sixth months ago and I am now well into my seventh month. I'm absolutely miserable, but Emily has been very helpful and attentive.
          We've decided on Robert if it's a boy and Jennifer if it's a girl. I know I will love it no matter what, but hope it's a girl, I'm not sure I have it in me to do this all over again.


20 June 1944 Tuesday

          It's a girl. Mark and I are so happy, despite the lack of sleep. Emily has been such a dear and is thrilled to have a cousin.


From The Journals Of Iona Dearing:

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